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New upcoming launch

Just a quick note to say we are planning a second launch, this time with the aim of having the balloon fly over the Severn Estuary, sometime in late August. Details still to be finalized, but the new balloon is on order! Watch this “near space”!

cheers for now,



It took around 90 minutes set up. Here is a brief overview of the activities required to do this:

  • Get the helium tank out of the van
  • Lay everything out
  • Inflate the balloon
  • Prepare and secure the balloon for launch 
  • Turn all of the equipment on inside the capsule 
  • Tightly secure everything
  • Pose a little for the cameras….


    Welcome to Space Photo

    Hello and welcome to ‘Space Photo’!

    We are a team of a combination of photographers solar physicists and programmers, who have decided to to high altitude photography with the use of helium filled weather balloons.

    This blog will detail the equipment we used, how we did it, some science, some geography and some fantastic photography and videos.

    For our first post, we share with you an image from the very top of our ascent, which clearly shows the curvature of the earth and space beyond.


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